It is fitting that my last blog post as a music therapy intern is about transformation.  I have been reflecting on the growth I have made as a music therapy intern, and the growth I still need to make as a music therapist.  To start, my brain has been trained to operate in many situations by creating goals first, and a couple of benchmarks for each goal.  One of my main goals as a music therapist is to transform lives positively through music.  In this process I am also transforming myself to meet the needs of others.  As an intern I have been thrown into many new experiences, and once each experience is complete I am more transformative as a music therapist.  Hypothetically, halfway through my internship, my benchmark goal was to be able to adapt effectively to 30 new environments.  By the end of the 6 months, my final goal was to be able to adapt to 60 new environments.  I was probably exposed to even more situations and environments that I don’t even realize.  After internship I am planning on spending time thinking, growing, and reflecting on my transformation into the professional world!


Hilary White

Word of the Week: INTUITION

Ah, intuition. The aspect of our lives that guides our instincts and actions, if we let it. At this point in my life (recently graduating college and heading into the real world), I find myself relying on intuition to guide where I want to go next. As a music therapy intern, I also find myself relying on intuition during sessions. Sometimes our best ideas come from fleeting instincts. One of the biggest mistakes I think we make as human beings is second guessing ourselves. Follow your heart and intuition! It is most likely the direction you are meant to go.


Word of the Week: BALANCE

Heading into my last couple of weeks as a music therapy intern, I have been pushed to balance my time.  Lately I have been working on finishing my case study, recording my CD of original songs, and seeing some of my clients for the last time.  I have also been preparing to move across the country before Christmas.  It’s a busy month, but I’m focusing on getting enough sleep and food to keep me going each day!  Balancing work and personal time is a challenge, but this internship is a great experience for figuring out how I can be the most productive with my work.

– Hilary White