How Time Flies!

I can’t believe that I am already at the end of month three, halfway through internship. It seems like just yesterday that I had moved myself across the country and felt incredibly nervous about getting started in a new setting, new city, with new people. More quickly than I expected, I felt welcome and part of the team here at MTCCA. Things soon started feeling like they were more routine and I truly began enjoying the busy schedule in music therapy private practice. As I reflect on the past three months, here are some of the biggest things I’ve learned:

  • No one expects you to be perfect. There are a lot of adjustments to make when it comes to the beginning of internship: academically, musically, and personally. The team is here to support you and bring out your best.
  • Coursework prepared me academically, but personal experiences are important too. Experiences at internship like learning how to improvise on piano, manage sensory regulation, and try new instruments have positively impacted my clinical experience as a music therapy intern.
  • Embrace new things. I enjoy discovering different areas of town and getting familiar with the city. It is important to take advantage of the things that are unique to San Diego and being a music therapy intern while I have the time to enjoy it!

Now, I am preparing to take on more responsibilities as I become senior intern, and really starting to prepare myself for the final stretch!


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