Securing Employment-Unit 2 from “Music Therapy Career Success”

A valuable resource that I was exposed to during my internship at The Music Therapy Center of California was the e-course, “Music Therapy Career Success” from  This free music therapy e-course has four different units.  Units 1-4 include: Exploring Career Options, Securing Employment, Maximizing Your Career, and Weathering a Storm.  The unit that I studied was Unit 2, Securing Employment.  I found this to be very worthwhile resource to have at my disposal to refer to get ideas with how to market myself as a music therapist.  Inside this particular unit, there a six audio tracks with Cathy Knoll giving a lecture on each track.  Cathy Knoll is a wonderful speaker, and explains everything in a clear, concise, and sequential manner.  The topics covered within this unit emphasize making the most of your education, exploring employment options, making yourself visible in the community, how to convince established companies that they need your skills, how to negotiate a salary, and tips on how to make your personal marketing materials look professional and stylish.  You can request a free copy of the “MT Career Success” e-course from Music!  Send an email to to request one or all of the free music therapy e-courses.  I highly recommend having these materials at your disposal, and it’s FREE!  I wish everyone well on their music therapy journey.  Happy listening!

-Brandon Wright

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