My time with the Kingsmen

During my internship at The Music Therapy Center of California, I have had the wonderful privilege of working with one of their rock bands who call themselves, Kingsmen.  It has been such an extreme pleasure to work with this esteemed rock n’ roll group.  We have had so much fun rehearsing a wide range of styles.  The members of Kingsmen have all shown a willingness and probing interest with wanting to play different types of tunes.  Throughout my internship, we have explored pieces of music from the 1960’s such as “Wooly Bully” by Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs, to songs like “Awake and Alive” by the band Skillet from 2009.  We also had a lot of fun exploring the twelve bar blues, and took turns improvising blues licks over the 12 bar blues format.  When I first started rehearsing with this group, I soon realized how motivated everybody was to play music.  I have seen such a great improvement with a variety of skills when working with these wonderful guys such as learning how to identify problem areas in the music, how to solve those problems, and how to work cohesively as a group.  It was great to witness how all the members of the Kingsmen were able to quickly correct their mistakes when things were not grooving!  Working with this ensemble has also allowed me to improve my own skills as well.  I was able to improve with making clear lead sheets, structuring productive rehearsals, and increasing my ability to give clear and concrete instructions to set the group up for success.  I can’t wait to see the next direction this group takes, as they have been known to consistently play a wide variety of tunes.  Please go see this wonderful group of guys the next chance you get!  You can also view a video of the Kingsmen play a really cool set of music during the 2016 Autism Speaks Walk last October by clicking on this link! Enjoy!

-Brandon Wright

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