Summer Camp Jam- Join Us Next Year

Summer Camp Jam happened back in August but it’s never to early to be thinking about having your child attend, volunteering at camp, or maybe even being a guest musician for our campers. Camp Jam (Summer) is a 4-day music therapy camp for youth with autism or other special needs. Camp Jam provides unique opportunities for developing social skills and making new friends through fun and interactive music experiences. Each camper is paired with a camp counselor to encourage them to participate, stay engaged, and assist with any other needs they may have. Campers play instruments, write songs, move to music, make arts and crafts, and hear a concert from a local musician everyday at camp.

I had the opportunity to be a camp counselor at a few Camp Jam’s and it is so exciting to see the camper’s progress during the few hours or few days they are at camp. Summer Camp Jam is where you can see the most progress because the campers attend for four days in a row, which allows them to get comfortable with the schedule. This unique experience fosters increased participation, engagement, and willingness to be in a leadership role, which is important for the youth we work with. Below are a few pictures from Summer Camp Jam to give you an inside peek at what we do!