This weekend marked a celebration – many friends gathered together to share in the joy of Reid Moriarty and his family over the completion of Reid’s newest album, “Shine”.

Shine album

Reid has been a client of Angela’s at The Music Therapy Center for many years and several of the songs from this album were ones they wrote together (with the help of many other talented musicians!)  It is a worship album that tells a beautiful story of the hope, joy, and fulfillment that Reid has found in God.  Over 14 musicians came together to be a part of this project – from writing the songs, to recording in the studio, to mixing the finalized product – and had the privilege of celebrating the end result at yesterdays “Listening Party”  hosted by the Moriarty’s.

Reid at listening party

Listening Party fun Shine

I have had the pleasure of working with Reid during my internship and am constantly amazed at his creativity, genuine care for others, and love of life.  He will make your day with just a few words, guaranteed!

If you’re interested in buying Reid’s album as well as learning about any of his upcoming gig’s and other projects, please visit:

Reid, you are truly an inspiration and I’m so grateful that I came to know you during my time at MTCCA.

Keep on shining!

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This word has helped me through my internship immensely! I have received encouragement from so different sources as I’ve progressed in my internship. My family has been a huge support system for me, they have all listened to my rants, successes, and silly stories throughout these six months. My fellow interns, I don’t think I would have survived without them! We have shared some amazing stories and created some great friendships. My landlords, they truly took a stranger under their care and helped me integrate myself into the San Diego life. From taking out to dinner, allowing me to tag along for family events, to including me in the Monday night Bachelor/Bachelorette show. I will always be grateful for their kindness and love. Finally, my internship directors and supervisors who have endured my many questions and helped nurture me into becoming a successful music therapist. Without their guidance, support, and encouragement I would not be the music therapist I am today. Thanks to these amazing women I have a solid foundation in music therapy and I am not afraid to step out into the big scary world and thrive. So here is a big thank you to everyone who has encouraged me along the road!

Much Love,


There are many different forms of support. Support can come from people, pets, or things.

As for me the area I receive the most support from is my parents. Throughout my life they have supported me in all my endeavors. When I first decided to play the viola my parents didn’t hesitate to buy one for me and to start me in lessons. And then in high school, when I decided to pursue music therapy I was not talked out of it or swayed from that degree choice. My parents said, “Ok what can we do for you?” Looking back I’m realizing how loving and caring my parents truly are. When so many other young adults are steered away from a music degree my parents accepted this and did not question if I would be able to make any money, be able to support myself, or if I could even find a job in my degree field.

I do not only receive support from my parents, but also my internship supervisors and all the staff at the Music Therapy Center of California. They are all helping to mold me into a future music therapist one intervention at a time. I have already learned so much from working with them.

Here is just a taste

What is the goal?…Is it functional?…Flexion/inflexion…driving down beat…a compliment…popcorn…wh questions…metronome…TIMP…PSE…memorize…who has the instrument bag?…printing…copying…community helpers…singing…singing…singing

To end this blog I wanted give some of the best support you can get out there. Here’s a shout out to the over the shoulder boulder holder! Have a great day!

Thanks everyone for all your support and care, I may not show it, but you are appreciated and loved!



I consider my family a very important part of my life, without them I would not be who I am today. To give a little background information, my parents met on a blind date in Nebraska, got married and had three lovely children, but the loveliest was their youngest. (That would be me) My siblings and I are all two years apart. I have one brother and sister, my brother is the oldest. We had a normal childhood with all the practical jokes, temper tantrums, and bickering. I have so many amazing memories of my childhood; it is hard to pick the best ones to share with you.

Here are some quick facts about my family, we were never able to finish a game of monopoly (fighting always ensued first), Phase 10 is a cut throat game that could bring one to tears, we grew up without cable, my brother, sister, and I use to dance like Jack and Rose when they are at the party where Rose stands up on her toes, my dad use to pull my sister and I out of the tub by saying he was going fishing, he also told us awesome bed times stores about Hank and Carla a cat and dog who went on some wacky adventures, my mom is the best cuddler if you are having a crappy day and need to snuggle, she is also one of the best cooks/bakers I know (SERIOSULY it’s amazing food), I still hold my mom’s hand in public, my dad can bring me to tears just by saying he is disappointed in me, and I wouldn’t change any part of my childhood.

Basically I would not be the person I am without the influence of my parents and siblings. Which is true for everyone in the world… so the question is, how to make this personal, how can I express how awesome my family really is??

I guess the answer I am searching for is to say that my family is pretty normal, we have our fights and our quarrels, but at the end of the day they are my family and I love them more than anything, would do anything for them, and will always be there for them. Isn’t there a saying that goes something like, I can say as much crap about my family as I want, but the second someone else has something bad to say I will become like the mob and end you. (Figuratively speaking of course) Family is important. They come in all different ways, just remember to hold on to the ones you love and let them know every once in a while that you care.