Gestalt Moment


Hello everyone!


These past few weeks have been filled with ah-ha moments. Things in internship are just starting to click. It’s such a great feeling to start piecing things together.

Symposium is a great place for these moments. The other day we had a discussion on music and the brain. I prepared and read some handouts and blog posts before symposium started. I understood the material, but during symposium something clicked. One thing that clicked in my mind this day was how the brain works during music and movement. I have used movement with music in a group for toddlers with speech and language delays as a practicum student. I was always so excited to see how these toddlers started babbling while we were singing and moving around the room. It fascinates me how hand movement can facilitate babbling. This group really sparked my interest in speech and language.

 When talking about music and movement facilitating speech in symposium, I had my Gestalt Moment. I was able to discuss with my supervisors about how movement and music can help develop speech. I was able to place this practicum experience into my internship in experience. Sometimes in practicum we are concerned about playing the right chord or what song comes next. Now that I am in internship, I am comfortable with my musical skills and I can focus more on my clinical skills. I am able to take the theories I learned in school and apply them in the clinical setting.


It is so exciting to take what I learned in the classroom and use it in a clinical setting!