Basic Public Speaking Tips

Hello!  I wanted to share a video you all that gives tips on public speaking.  The video is entitled “5 Basic Public Speaking Tips” and can be found on the website  or at this URL address:  In the field of music therapy, it is common to be in a position where it is necessary to give presentations in a variety of environments.  Recently, another music therapy intern and I had to give a presentation to a college class where the coursework focused on health, safety, and nutrition for young children.  Knowing this information was helpful with how to present the information to the class.  By knowing our audience, we were able to focus on avoiding terms that were too technical. This information also allowed us to introduce musical interventions that targeted the populations the class was studying.  We also communicated with the professor beforehand to find out what to bring for the power point presentation, which was very helpful with getting to know the space before the presentation.  This video briefly covers some very helpful and practical tips to be mindful of when speaking publicly, so that your presentation is successful.

A brief list of the tips that are clearly presented in this video include:

  • Know what you are talking about.

When you become an authority on the topic, the audience will want to learn from you.


  • Know your space and audience.

Understand the importance of who will be listening to you, and where you will be when giving the presentation.  Know what space you are working with.


  • Never apologize when making a mistake when speaking.

If you make mistakes, remember that your audience will most likely not know it.


  • Imagine yourself giving a great speech


Visualize that you will be successful, and that you will be able to make a connection with the audience.


  • Focus on the message and not yourself.

Forget about your nerves, and focus on what you are trying to present.


I found this video to be a great resource, and encourage anyone to review it before speaking publicly.  Also, has more videos that are available under the video library section such as “Great Icebreakers” and “Rehearsal Tips for Great Speeches.”  Thank you for reading, and happy viewing!

Brandon Wright

Music Therapy Intern at Music Therapy Center of California