Who Moved My Cheese?

We reviewed this book this week in our symposium and had an interesting discussion about what it means to each of us.  It basically comes down to how well a person deals with changes in his or her life, whatever those changes may be.  Each person may relate it to a different personal challenge in his or her life at the time.  Here is the basic outlines of the characters and what each of them represents:

  • Sniff: sniffs out change early
  • Scurry: scurries into action
  • Hem: denies and resists change, fears it will lead to something worse than what he currently has
  • Haw: Learns in time to adapt to change when he sees it leads to something better

We may not have the ability in our lives to decide what changes, but we each have the ability to choose how we will react when things change in our lives.  We can choose to be one of these characters.

Mary Jane

Goals, Assessments, and Reports

MTCCA shared an acronym with me for how to write great goals for your clients.  It is simply this–be SMART.

  1. Specific: The action must be very specific in order for it to be measurable.  In order to do this, you must first determine their functioning level before therapy is begun so there is something to compare
  2. Measurable: This is the way to tell if clients are making progress
  3. Achievable: They must be able to achieve the goals or there is no point in setting goals at all
  4. Relevant: There is no point in working on something that is not relevant to the client
  5. Time Limited: You should set a specific date for when they should have a goal achieved, for example “by July 2015…”

Mary Jane